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    • I believe that bunny ears are already in game from unique boxes, and so would be pretty painful to get in the rare category. Otherwise, looks great, thank you.
    • Hello, Thank you for all of the recent feedback on what you wanted to change for the Easter Event! We are already working on improving our communication with community in order to give you guys the updates you want! We have heard that you guys want Raids to be continued on. We have started development again as of today. We will create a thread on the progress we've made soon. Changes to the Easter Event The Knight King now spawns in random locations, it will be announced when he spawns. The health has been increased from 6k to 16k. Players who do not deal 500 damage to the boss now have a 25% chance to obtain a key. Keys and boxes have been added to the credit store. The rewards have been adjusted to fit the event. The 'rare' chance is now .5% instead of .1% You can now obtain: Bunny set Bunny ears Basket of eggs Easter egg Easter ring Items removed: Draconic whip Shadow sword Ancestral Ganodermic Bloodbone spirit shield   QOL The client login screen now shows top players based on total level instead of unique points. You can switch between game modes by selecting the game mode title You can now mine bars while the inferno pickaxe is in your inventory. You can now buy a max cape without obtaining level 120 in prestiged skills. Headbands now equip to the proper slot. The wilderness cape gives double pkp. Random Events have been added  You get 200 loyalty points for completing it It is recommended to run from the evil chicken. It has extremely high defense. The wilderness cape image on the website now will appear correctly The highscores is now back online & requires you to login in order to view it to prevent bot attacks from flooding the database. Client update This update does contain a client update, but it is not mandatory to download it. Click here to update the non updating client.
    • I personally think that Fire Torva should be made better then ICE in both str and defence, as it is much harder to obtain compared to Ice Torva which rolls every single hit at Nex, or can be camped with PVM points.
      I believe if you're going to go the way you've mentioned above, Remove Ice Torva from PVM points, and make it so you can only obtain it through rolls at Nex, then i'm all for the way you've explained.

      Make the 120 stats work like overloads, you cannot overload in the wilderness, so when entering the wilderness your stats go back to 99 (unpotted), I like the idea of having 120 stats for PVM, but obviously not for PVP.
      It's not too often there are too many people at the same boss these days, so this really wouldn't effect anyone else with "crashing", specially with how we can buy instance tickets, have safe and Donator bosses, In saying this, Some bosses might need to be buffed in health slightly if we decide to stick with 120 combat stats (which again, i don't think is a bad idea)

    • Completely agree with Creators, find a way to put combats to 99 in wildy or have them cap at 120. Obviously i love hitting 97 with zammy hasta against corp, but its not worth destroying wildy for the average player.
    • About 120 combats, I think this should be a no brainer, allowing 120 combats completely screws over any player that goes into the wildy before he/she gets every 120 combat. It puts them at such a disadvantage that they might never go into the wild to do anything, pvm/skill you name it. Because say for example I have every 120 combat and they dont, that puts me in such a better spot to be able to take them down with ease. Unless you code the wilderness to drop all skills back down to 99 once they enter the wild. I actually believe this would be best method to go about it, that way you can PvM with 120 combats but as soon as you cross the wildy ditch they decrease down to 99 for the time you are in the wild. Just my opinion on the matter.
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