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Runique State of the Union & Timelines

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Hello My Fellow Runique Knights.

Let's discuss what's been happening lately with Runique. I have a strong feeling you might like what is to come. 


First and foremost let's talk about the recent updates. Not bad eh?! We've been working our tails off to keep consistent, and quality updates coming your way. We are striving to fix 3-5 bugs per day and come out with large content updates on a bi-weekly basis. So far the transition to our new workflow and environment setup has been wonderful and we have been seeing clear results. In retrospect we are starting to clear up a ton of the more known bugs, therefore we need more lists from you guys on what to fix next. We have been keeping a keen eye on the bug reports posted both in the forum and on discord and adding that to our lists as wel can, but we do miss some and therefore we are giving you guys the opportunity to double check we are are catching every bug posted! This leads us to our first big-ish announcement TRELLO!

We now have a public trello board where you guys can watch bugs and updates be done as they are being completed. https://trello.com/b/SOpWIwdi/runique-updates - Inside you will see a lot of things right away, each card is a specific task that has an associated problem/resolution. We have been using this tool to accurately control our workflow and increase productivity. If you guys find anything that you think should be added to this list please bring it up with a Global Moderator+. Included in this kanban board are some of the future things we are planning on working on.

Some of the things that might stand out are, Raids, Dungeoneering, and the Clan Chat. With these things, they all have a timeline associated with them. So here is our next big announcement, and that is our timeline and what you can expect to see from us in the near future.

Dungeoneering; We know we have a 'dead' skill and we are going to drive some focus into remedying that. Below you can see our vision on how we would like our dungeoneering to work. We wanted it to be slightly different in many ways from the normal Dungeoneering but also tie into the important aspect of each skill attributing to the success of your dungeon runs. Do note that this is subject to change at any point until we are nearing the point of release. Our estimate on a release date would be December 1st.  Be aware that this is an estimate, and any other estimates, we are not commiting to that time, but rather trying to give you an idea of what to expect. The spoiler below contains our vision.


You enter this 'first area' where it has fishing spots, cooking place, trees to cut, alter, perhaps a pure essence mining thing.

Once you venture further you cannot re-enter the original room.

In the 'mid-area' you are fighting those monsters in order to 'unlock' the boss area. Whilst doing so these monsters drop items that would help 'upgrade' your gear. Perhaps fish that are stronger than the original starting fish, or black dragonhide to make dragonhide armour, or just armour/weapons in general.

Once you defeat a certain number of monsters the 'magic' around the door is broken and you can enter in the boss room.
Kill the boss for rewards, streaks grant additional tokens and experience. There is a streak reward up to 10x. Each streak gives you 5% increased experience. Once you leave the 'first-area' this streak resets.

You also have a party system so you can do this with friends. Experience is increased by 5% for each person in the party with you. With a max of 3 people in a party.

This will allow a variety of skills being needed; A party system to do it with your friends, and you are rewarded for working together and keeping at it. The max experience/token increase would be 65% (50% from streak, 15% from party)
Dying will bring you to the first-room which your current progress in that dungeon will be reset, but your streak will remain.
The final boss and monsters you will experience is dependent on your dungeoneering level. There will be 4 tiers to dungeoneering. You will get to pick your tier upon entering.

1-50: Entry Level (Suggested Combat of 70)
50-70: Intermediate Level (Suggested Combat of 90)
70-90: Hard Level (Suggested Combat of 110)
90+: Expert Level (Suggested Combat of 126)

Raids 1; With such a large content base for this Tanner will be primarily working on this over the course of the next few months. With this update you can expect the release of many new items, such as the infamous Twisted Bow, and endless fun for you and your friends. This content is going to mimic'd directly from OSRS and all the mechanics and bosses will be carried over. We are estimating a release date of around January 15th. 

Clan Chat; With the Friends chat fix out, we have set this on the backburner slightly to focus on the more important bugs. We have all the code written for Clan Chat and we are feeling good about it, but we want our attention on those bugs first and foremost. We'd like to see this out within the next week or so but no estimate is being made at this time.

Marketing; Lately we have been working on a lot of marketing. We have been buying banners, paying youtubers, and generally increasing our advertising all around. We have seen a large number of new players already due to this and we are really pumped to see where this brings us. With every step in the right direction we get closer and closer to becoming the best RSPS out there. While we know we have a long way to go we are working night and day to accomplish ours, and yours, dreams.

As always our main priority will be bug fixing and ensuring that the world of Runique is the best it can be with the content it has. As I'm sure you've seen we've tried doing daily updates with all of the bug fixes that we've fixed for that day. With our main priority being bug fixes, we need your help to fix everything. There is obviously stuff broken out there, but we don't have the time to focus on finding all of those things so we rely on you guys to do that for us. Over the next couple months we will be watching who is submitted bugs, and the quality of their reports, and awarding those players. We have some special ranks, rewards, and other incentives for helping us with this. We don't have anything to announce for this at this time, but don't be surprised if bonds are tossed around for those with solid contributions ;) 

One last thing before I wrap up. Zac, our client dev, was let go from his position. He made tons of claims that he just couldn't live up to. His work was underwhelming and not to the quality we require. I feel it's important to note that Zac did try his best, unfortunately his best just wasn't enough for us.

Alright guys, that's what we have for you at this time. We are going to be continuing our efforts and we are so excited to see where this takes us!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Runique Team




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Thanks for the update and information, Good to see you guys continuing to show what's happening behind the scenes so people are aware of things.

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Thanks for the constant updates guys!

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Thanks for keeping us updated:)

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is there anyplace i can report bugs on the website, at least i know ill get credited for them then. @Scottsterlin

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